Uninstall: MyPCBackup

If, for some reason, after the 14 day trial, MyPCBackup does not suit your needs then you can easily uninstall the software from your PC and de-register from the on-line service.

Let’s start with uninstalling the MyPCBackup software from your PC. Click on the ‘Start’ button in the far left of your Windows task bar – usually in the bottom left of your screen.

Click on ‘All Program’s and click on the ‘MyPC Backup’ folder. See the screenshot below.

Uninstall MyPCBackup screenshot


You will see there is an ‘Uninstall’ option within the ‘MyPC Backup’ folder. Click once on the ‘Uninstall’ option. You may see the following message, click the ‘Yes’ button to continue.

Uninstall MyPCBackup message 1


Once you have clicked the ‘Yes’ button, you will be shown the following message. You are given the option to keep MyPCBackup software installed and use 1Gb of extra data space on-line to store your data. If this is not of interest to you, click on ‘No Thanks’ to remove the software from your PC.

MyPCbackup uninstall message 2


You have now removed the software from your PC but you may still want to cancel your account on-line. The following quote is taken from the MyPCBackup online Help Center

“To cancel your account please email our cancellation team at cancel@Mypcbackup.com outlining the reasons for your cancellation and they will do their best to help you quickly and efficiently”

Once you have your on-line account cancelled, you will have completed the MyPCBackup uninstall and account cancellation process.

Software Licence
  • Free 14 day trial of full functionality before license has to be purchased
  • The software is licensed on a device by device basis. A device can be registered to be backed up and if at some time in the future needs to be changed (for instance if you buy a replacement PC) this can be managed by the user within the control panel.
  • Click here to register for My PC Backup and begin 14 day free trial. Upgrade to full backup license from $4.95 per month.
MyPCBackup Information