Is Your PC Data Worth 2 Cups of Coffee?

Photo of EditorYour PC data… the pictures you have stored, the reports you have written, emails you have archived, your favorite Mp3′s, your favorite movies & TV shows, financial information, business documents, school reports, recipes, scanned documents and a limitless number of memories.

What is this information worth to you? I am going to guess it is worth a lot more than a couple of cups of coffee each month (the cost of an on-line backup service to protect your data).

We have researched a wide range of PC backup software and selected 5 excellent programs for you to choose from. These programs range from completely free to, at the most, a couple of cups of coffee a month. 4 programs are excellent for intermediate/advanced PC users and we have an on-line backup service which we think is a great option for general PC users.

Price of PC Backup

If you already use backup software… congratulations! You already understand the need to protect all your information. Nevertheless, have a look at our site for new software, links and information about backing up your data.

If you have not yet installed any backup software on your PC… you’ve come to the right place! Visit our features page to view the list of backup software we have for free download. Check out our articles, forum links and further information for learning about backups.

Remember, if your PC breaks down it is not really the loss of the PC that is the problem. It is the loss of your data forever that is the real problem. You never have to worry about this happening to you if you start backing your data up today.

Explore our website, learn how to backup your PC data and protect your valuable information. On our website, you will find:

  • Free to download, easy to use programs that backup your Windows PC data
  • Detailed list of features – you decide which program(s) to download
  • Clear install & uninstall instructions so you don’t get stuck
  • Useful links, sites & articles to help you backup your computer
  • Online 24/7 Windows PC technical support

Enjoy error free computing and enjoy exploring this site.


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What is a PC Backup?

online backup diagramA backup is the process of making a copy of some or all of the data on a computer so that in the event of a problem with the computer there is a separate copy of the information held elsewhere.

It can get a little more complex with concepts such as incremental backups, encryption and compression all coming into play but for the general PC user, just think about making a copy (a backup) of your data.

The main reason for backups is that, like insurance, you need them when something goes wrong. One day, you hit on the ‘On’ button on your PC but nothing actually powers up. Or the screen freezes and your PC stops working for good. There are a thousand other ways your PC or laptop can stop working. Make sure you have a backup in place before this happens to you.

A PC backup should be done on a regular basis and should be automated so you, the user, do not have to remember to make the copy. Weekly backups are a common schedule time frame.

We believe the safest type of backup is to an on-line backup service. This means you save a copy of your data to an on-line service hundreds or thousands of miles away where your information is stored on large scale computer systems. No matter what happens to your PC, a copy of your data is safe many miles away.

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How Do You Backup Your PC?

The manual approach, where you do everything yourself, is to identify all the data on your PC that needs backing up (this could be across multiple folders, external hard disks and USB drives). You need to know how much data in ‘Gb’ or ‘Tb’ you have to backup and then choose a ‘destination’ for the backups to go to.

You need to constantly check if the destination (an external backup driver for instance) storage has enough space to take new backups.

Then you have to spend the time copying your files to the destination each week. Depending on the amount of data to transfer, this could take a few minutes or more likely much longer. You also need to work out what to do with previous backup copies and how long you want to keep them.

That in simple terms is what backups are all about. However, why do it manually when there is free software that will do everything you need automatically? You set up your backup software once and then forget about it – backups will be done on time, every time according to your instructions.

So, if you need to backup your data, visit our features page to see the backup software we have selected as the best free backup tools for your Windows PC. Download the program that fits your needs and you’ll be one step closer to protecting your most important information from loss.